Salted egg pumpkin risotto

Oh yeah! You read it right. It's "salted egg" in risotto. Nope, you wouldn't pick up the salted egg if I didn't tell you so. But you be wondering what's the secret ingredient to make this pumpkin risotto so tasty. Comforting and yet so complex, you'll be bewildered. It's one very excited risotto - I tell you it's good because I serve them at my restaurant. The risotto was a hit but no one knew (except the chef that cooks the risotto) it's salted eggs that seal the deal.
Let me tell you something, I once had an love affair with pumpkin. Those days, I practically eat nothing else except pumpkin. Seriously, I was totally obsessed, so in love was comforting colors; orange, pretty pretty, always so warm and inviting. It was also the fall season then and everyday I craved nothing more than a hot bowl of pumpkin soup (double bowl actually and I will share that recipe with you too). Everyday, I will sit at the same cafe sipping happily on the golden warmth. Little sips to make the soup last longer. In fact, I never actually ordered anything else there. I must have imagine calling me the "the pumpkin girl". I literarily consume so much pumpkin that I was turning orange (I am not joking). Really orange. My palms and my skin; looking like someone who had applied too much self tanning lotion. Imagine Cinderella's carriage turning into a pumpkin. Yes, that was me. Until I got the doctor's ban to stop eating pumpkin. 
After since, I only allow myself pumpkin during October - my pumpkin month. And now in pumpkin month, I gladly joined the pumpkin bandwagon. The pumpkin display at the markets are so delightful, I couldn't help not to lug a few home.

I didn't thought of posting this recipe. But then one of you suggested if I can do pumpkin risotto on Foodmanna's Facebook page. So, i thought, if I am going to share a pumpkin risotto recipe, it's gonna be the best, I'll just might as well tell you my secret.
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Salted egg pumpkin risotto
Serves 4 normal people, or 2 big eaters.
2 salted egg yolks (just the yolk, discard the whites)
12 fresh sage leaves, roughly chopped
1 medium onion, finely diced
4 clove garlic, finely minced
2 tablespoon butter
1½ cups arborio (risotto) rice
250g butternut pumpkin, cut into small cubes
600-700 mL chicken stock
1 large glass white wine
salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
1 cup grated parmesan reggiano

For serving
Good quality extra virgin olive oil
Some fresh sage leaves
A dollop of crème fraîche
Extra grated parmesan reggiano

Heat the stock until almost boiling and then keep over a very low heat. In a separate heavy-based saucepan sweat the onion in the oil until soft but not browned. Add the 2 salted egg yolk, chopping it about with your cooking spoon and fry until it's bubbly and foamy. Add the minced garlic, chopped sage and pumpkin, cook for a couple more minutes.

Add the rice and mix well for a few seconds to coat the grains with oil, then add the glass of white wine to deglaze.

By the ladleful, add the stock and bring to a gentle simmer and continue to simmer gently until the stock is absorbed. From then on add more stock a little at a time, until the pumpkin is soft and the rice nicely al dente. the texture should be loose and creamy. Add a final ladle of stock and stir in the grated parmesan reggiano. Taste with salt and pepper.

Divide into four servings and add a spoonful of crème fraîche and drizzle good quality extra virgin olive oil over each portion. Bring the cheese and a grater to the table for your guests to serve themselves.

till next post, ss. 

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