Review: Saveur, high street food at hawker-price affordable

They are at Purvis Street now. I've been hearing about Saveur for weeks. The only problem is to find someone to go with me this early. Just yesterday, I found kind soul who's willing to wait in line with me. The queue starts before saveur open its grand doors. At 6 sharp. As the second hand ticked to twelve. The doors swang open. We manage to get in at the  first sitting. I already knew what to order. practically everything on the menu. What was in at Saveur that worth the long queue? French fare at cheap prices, exceptionally cheap I must stress. 
For instant, a $3.90 Angel Hair Pasta With Sherry Minced Pork And Sakura Ebi as a generous starter. Well, if you want some caviar lux, go for the $6.90 Angel Hair Pasta With Tiger Prawn And Lumpfish Caviar. At a menu price of 10.90, you can savor the Crispy Pork Belly with Poached Eggs and Diced Vegetables with perfectly 62.5 degree poached egg to sauce the crispy yet fork tender belly. A dish I will go back for definitely will be their Beef Bourguignon, served with little pot of creamy potato gratin, divineness at every pennies worth. They are also noted for their Duck Confit with Orange Segments and Sauté Shitake, nothing to fault at a mere price of $8.90. The dining room is filled with plates of their Pan Fried Foie Gras With Lentil And Pickled Onion, because everyone is ordering it, either in single or double servings.
For sweet endings, Pistachio Panna Cotta With Roasted Pistachio Nut is their upmarket interpretation of the local popular soy pudding, Super creamy and soft, with notes of almond extract and pistachio. Dinner sweets can't end without chocolate. Their Chocolate and Hazelnut mouse-like, praline tasting and beautifully balanced with the crunch of roasted hazelnuts and coconut. The tartness of the raspberry punches out the richness of the mouse blob with a lovely surprising  wafer disguise as chocolate thins.

Go on, go into the line and enjoy the meal. 90mins later, like me, you emerged a happier person, satisfied. There nothing else more to ask at this value.  Was it really as good as what others out there are saying?  I say YES for the amount that you pay, the quality of the food you get at Saveur is certainly what many will call value-for-money. Our lives will be happier if there's more restaurants like Saveur popping up.
A tiny, modern monochrome bistro with neighbors like Garibaldi and Gunther’s as such, Saveur sets a new standard, high street quality at hawker prices. Redefining fine dining meals to everyday affairs. And with the quality it provides putting many other restaurants to shame.

Dinner was a steal. Just don't mind with the service. The damage was merely pass $100 with all the wine, beers and taxes included.

Address: 5 Purvis Street, #01-04, Singapore
Telephone: +65 6333 3121
Opening Hours: Daily – 12pm to 2.30pm for lunch, 6pm to 930pm for dinner
*Note: Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays for lunch

- till next post, ss.

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