Back to Roots: Grow your own mushroom kit

"Growing your own mushroom can never be easier." 
This brilliant kit lets you grow up to 1½ pounds of gourmet oysters mushroom. 
You don't need a big space and easy enough for gardening failures like me. Packaged in a beautifully designed, recycled cardboard using collected coffee grounds. This grow-your-own-mushroom kit for Back to Roots is as environmentally friendly as it can be, doing good to the mother earth and your dishes with this delicious sustainable product.

Mushrooms are hard to grow good food fugues. You need the right temperature and environment to cultivate. Especially with some varieties like the oyster mushrooms, it is harder grow and find at supermarket as they are very perishable. Back to Roots had made it easy to grow your own at home.

I hope that this grow-your-own-mushroom kit can be made available here soon. This is what I want for Christmas! Who's based in states? Please bring one back, can't wait to test out! 
-Till next post, ss.

Updates: (24th Nov)
Wrote to them where to get the kit in Asia, unfortunately they only ship within US. Awww...

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