Reviews: Scrumdiddilyyumpshus Fried Chicken

Scrumdiddilyyumpshus! With all the grease, like the scene angel and devil on your shoulders whispering into your ears, it's something you will love but try all means to refrain from. Served 'just fried', hot, piquant and savoury. Wafting aroma of mouthwatering crispy succulent fried chicken, you couldn't resist but ask for an extra serving.

Amist the the maze of Lucky Plaza, sometimes you will stumble into unexpected pleasures like As-Shifaa Cafe. Spotted an after lunch qeue still hovering over this little hidden eatery, scrambling quickly to find a seat, I know gluttonny had taken over a better part of me. The chicken portions at As-Shifaa is big but still, double pleasure is always my take. 2 chicken portion, please! Who cares if its going to cost me 1000 calories. I wouldn't sacrifice such decadence.

Voluptuously tender flesh, skin singed golden, complimented with homemade sweet sour sambal, It's been years since I had such good old-school fried chicken. All brings me down the memory lane. the bite came with flashbacks of school days. Recess bell ringing, us rushing down to the tuckshop to be greeted by trays of hot crispy chicken. It's almost like a RGS culture back then. I feel young again. 

Nostalgic and fine reality of hunger satisfied; and it is all one. 
AS-SHIFAA CAFE, Lucky Plaza 06-52
-Till next post, SS.

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