Reviews: Oysters bargain at Greenwood Fish Market

Reckon this is nothing new to Singaporeans. $1 Oysters, where can you get such a bargain in Singapore. And of course, as new to Singapore as I can be, being a true bred Singaporean, it's the satisfaction of cheap thrills and bargains that puts me on a high.  Quality oysters plus cheap equates happiness. 

The oysters came in randomly, dozen upon dozen, AT and I slip and slurp quickly, savouring the sea from different oceans, washing each down with a glurp of Chardonnay. Gently teasing each with a fork, seeing the delicate dark grey lace around tweaks, Glistening as they are, my heart race knowing they are alive! Some variety good some not to my fancy. It doesn't matter now. All is a dollar. 

The Grill Cod is another dish I will keep coming back for. Fresh fatty succulent fish that melts cooked so simply with a healthy green. For a plus point, Greenwood serve it generously. Awesome to eat with AT as we both share the same taste, both can be a prick with food though as he always say I am more demanding and tend to make him overeat. 

Till next time, SS.

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