Gardening: Cucumbers, Okra & Eggplant

Grow my green beauty!
It has been a very busy and productive month for my little garden patch. Cucumbers, okra, and eggplants hungrily soaked up the intense July sunshine and are fruiting in abundance! This is the second growth of my standard cucumbers...they should be ready for harvest very very soon

What a long wait (6 months?!) but finally my okra or ladyfingers arrived. Very excited to see the pale yellow blossoms with deep magenta stigmas. I was tickled to see the okra growing like chilli-padi i.e. they point straight up at the skies. My only tip is to harvest the okra quickly before they turn tough and fibrous. 

My okra harvest

Sliced Okra

Those who have followed my previous post, you'd realise that this is also the second harvest for my eggplants. Just love the deep aubergine colour!

Eggplant harvest

Pale creamy and firm on the insides
You know that you've got the harvest timing right when when the exterior of the eggplant turns shiny and the fruit feels heavy. Also when you cut into it the flesh should be like pale cream and the seeds are not overly dark.

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