Master of all: A Good Stock.

A good stock is the basis of most dish.It delicately flavour and intensify a dish giving it layers and depth. There are many version of stocks, beef, port, seafood, fish, vegan etcetera out there; and also many ways of stocking methods available for its intention of use. For this month of Porky Affair, i've created a stock of deep, dark, sticky intense pork stock which is called the master stock widely used in a lot of Modern Australian cooking. Nothing fancy but absolutely amazing to marinate fatty and cheap cuts of pork which beats any commercial stock liquids and cube out there.

Here's the prelude and basis of my Porky Affair. Heaps of pork, pork bones boiled down over 3 days with new addition of pork and water everyday till the stock is so intense, rich and salted enough with its natural flavours that it turned milky and with sticky layer that will linger on your lips.

On the third day, Add the spices and boiled down further depending on how much flavour u want. I've added approximately 6 star anise, 4 cinnamon sticks, 5 cardomon pods, half bottle of light soya sauce, whole bottle of Huadiao wine and heaps of rock sugar. Plus 2 whole garlic and lots of ginger knobs.

Nothing to waste. The pork and bones benefit the dogs. Ziggy and Tazzy which just flew back from Shanghai and stucked at AVA. And my lovely handsome Inca at home for being by my side and looking out at the boiling the whole 3 days!

The first dish out of my master stock will come next! Need to rush to the gym.


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