Smoked salmon cream cheese sandwich

I could hardly wait to get to work and have my sandwich. Ironic isn't it? Yeah, I know. Who on earth looks forward to work lunch on the desk. I do. I like these solitary moments. 
I see many white collar solo brave hearts wolfing spoonful of economical rice or slurping slithery noodles in the food courts. I must imagine the agony to find a empty spot at lunch hour after the long queue for your turn. I am quite sure the food wouldn't taste as good when you are left with 5 minutes to eat, 10 minutes to walk back to office and 5 minutes to squeeze in the get-out!-the-lift-is-going-buzz lift. I hated eating alone. I've gone out of my way to avoid eating alone outside during work lunch hour, because it makes me feel awkward and extremely frustrated (to find a seat next to a group of 10 that let you, against your will, eavesdrop on their every gossips and complaints about their evil boss). I choose instead to indulge this precious lunch hour in what has become my soulful time.
Lunch on the desk is a time for me to be alone - taking that rare opportunity to be in my head, zone out without apology. Lunch like this was freeing, too; I didn't have to make conversation. I let my mind wonder to wherever the internet might take me. Sometimes I escape to picturesque beach resorts. Checking against the calendar on my desk, the last time was three months ago to Penang and how I longed to feel the sand on my feet again. I marked the next few months with possible days vacation time with a cute little sunny icon to remind myself. I get on to email on our family trip. I am glad that this is in the pipeline. Other times, I mindlessly land on some chic boutique and imagining myself with all these pretty dress, beaming with joy. Often these escapade left me poorer with an eager anticipation to the parcel arriving in the mail over the next few days. In this little hour, I also fancied myself as a crafter looking for inspiration, clipping craft as inspiration hoping someday I had the time to paint, draw, design all these lovely things. Looking at lovely things made me happy. I might have hundreds imaginary rooms already for my future home already with all the picturesque, I've pinned on Pinterest. When I have time left, I will take a walk and buy myself a good cuppa coffee and breathe the air.
Enough for 3 sandwiches. 2 extra to share with colleagues.

For the spread
3 heaps tablespoon of cream cheese (I use Philadelphia Spreadable Cream Cheese and perfectly with 60% less fat)
1 tablespoon chopped dill
½ teaspoon lemon zest
1 gherkin, finely cubed
Freshly ground black pepper
- Mix everything together.

1 cucumber, thinly sliced at an angle
200g smoked salmon or homemade gravlax
Butter for the bread

Spread butter the 1 side of the sliced bread, the cream cheese spread on the other slice. Layer cucumber and the smoke salmon on the cream cheese bread. Cover with the buttered bread.

Write a nice note on the Ziploc sandwich bag. Slide sandwich into the bag and refrigerate until ready to bring to work.

Happy Monday!

Until next post, ss.

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