Grilled peach and bacon salad

 If peaches and pork are best friends. Then, peaches and bacon are a match made in heaven. Forever destined to be together. And when cheese comes in to play. Oh my… I tell you that's orgasm as much as your mouth can take. Crispy smoky bacon, charred sweet peaches with a deep caramel flavor, the sharp, nutty cheese mingling against the fresh herby salad. That's as much deliciousness I can describe in words. I am telling you now. Go out, grab some bacon and those big juicy peaches in season right now. Don't forget the cheese - quality cheese please, not the cheap cheese that comes in green plastic container. Get the Parmigiano Reggiano or, if you dare, blue cheese to crumble into the nook and cranny of the salad leaves. You might want to toss in some walnuts since they are another pair of best friends. Infact, any creamy cheese works here too. The Buffalo mozzarella or burrata will be perfect if you are richer. 
Maybe for the reason because I was famished. But I don't see that as a valid reason. Let's rewind to lunch time. We were suppose to meet for a quick lunch before my doctor's appointment (some allergy issues) in town. I look him up at his gym, he being him was held back with new customers. I knew he didn't mean to but an hour later, I couldn't wait anymore. So off to the doctor I went. By the time I left the clinic, a couple hours later, with a little bag of medication. I am famished. HUNGRY!

On the bus ride home, I was deciding from the tuna sandwich and carbonara. Let me enlighten you with my thinking process; the first option of tuna sandwich - yeah, I better use up the bread and good that there isn't any cooking but required to chop onion; the second option of carbonara - I need to use 2 pots. One for cooking pasta the other for frying up the bacon (still need to chop them up) and a mixing bowl to toss everything together with an yolk and heaps of Parmigiano Reggiano - that's plenty of washing up eh?. Both, I assure that I will make and savor by end of this week. 
Forward to present now, back at home still decided on my super late lunch, I open the fridge and I saw the peaches calling me. My heart is fixed at making a bountiful salad. I must say the salad once in your mouth is full-fledged pleasure. I couldn't concentrate on the book I took out to read. The salad had demanded my full attention and every single speck was devoured before I could turn the page. And now, I took the urge to savor it over again in words.

Cooking for one
3 strips bacon or 2 strips if you are watching your weight, any bacon will do.
1 large peach, sectioned
Mix salad leaves
Parmigiano Reggiano
Reduced balsamic vinegar*
Quality extra virgin olive oil for dressing

Note: *This is not a sponsored post. I get my vinegars and dressing oils from Vomfass. They are a speciality shop that sells premium quality artisanal products, directly from the cask. They are really good and a little goes a long way.

On a hot un-oiled grill or a non-stick pan, lay the peach wedges on a side. Let one side brown before flipping over. Push the peaches to make space for the bacon, lay the bacon strip and let it sizzle. Swash around to let the bacon fat coat the peaches.

Prepare your salad plate with a pile of salad leaves, Quickly drop the peaches all around and place the crispy bacon on top. Grate the Parmigiano Reggiano over and drizzle with some reduced balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Freshly grind some black pepper, get a fork and devour while still warm.

Till next post, ss.

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