Review: Commune Bistro

I am fortunate to be invited a few times to eat at Commune Bistro. The first visit was when Commune is barely over two weeks old and only opened for lunch. Now with its new dinner menu, they had went full fledged. Commune sets a style for themselves. Being different to the usual bistros places that served brunch fare, sandwiches, burgers and what have you. Commune's lunch palate had a twist of Asian flavors. Not that type of Asian flavors that slaps your tastebuds with no propose but actually subtlety enhances the dish giving it more oomph. The dinner menu promises more eclectic Vietnamese food that way surpasses what you expect of them. Deliciously different, and I absolutely loved it.

Commune Bistro, opened by this bunch of very good looking passionate people that affiliates with fashion means you will always be served by handsome, stylish people (Isn't that great!). They sure know about service and good food.
The setting is chic casual and minimalistic with contrasting warm wood furnitures against the rough geometrically stacked white brick walls casting unique patterns as the sunlight changes. With their notable yet secretive address at Phoenix Park. Nestled quietly among lush greens and black & white blocks, this is one place to escape from hustle and bustle. A perfect place to congregate your best mates for a slow hearty brunch or lull the afternoon away with a book and cuppa at the outdoor area where food is delicious, simple and straightforward. Or simply lay back, get drunk with a few bottles of wine and nobody, for a fact, even bothers. It is that cool.

On the lunch menu, if you don't order the pumpkin soup, you will regret it for the rest of your life. And I will kill you. I always had a soft spot for pumpkin soup but this golden velvet tainted with asian spices will rock your world in the most wonderful way. Commune as the name suggest, you're meant to dine in a communal way, sharing your food with friends. Regardlessly, this is one awesome soup that I recommend you to have it all by yourself.
I've tried many items on the dinner menu as well and love the way they position themselves (supperclub-ish) because the dinner menu is always changing with inspiring new dishes that they announced on their Facebook page. So their followers get the first hand news to whats brewing in that pot. They make their food fresh and use it for that day and the part I admired most is they don't skim on the ingredients. Especially their Wagyu Beef Vietnamese pho with slices after slices of tender wagyu beef, absolutely to die for, which usually gets sold out pretty quick. So, be sure to check that out.

While there, do try their...
- Tiger prawns & scallop in a web of shoestring taro
- Pan-fried barramundi in olive oil & stewed caramelized pork belly.
- Wagyu papaya salad
- Lemongrass chicken with vermicelli 
- Fried crabmeat spring rolls
- and their desserts

Commune Bistro
308 Tanglin Rd Phoenix Park
Singapore 247974
Tel: 6235 9008
(Recommend to call and book) 

-till next post, ss.

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