Danielle's homemade Burger King

I knew gorgeous Danielle almost ten ago, we used to sit next to each other at work. D is very talented and full of life. If you do know her, you'll love her. There's this profound energy about her. She wades around, oozing this beautiful-and-damned carelessness, with her unworried about tomorrow attitude, taking it all in. When life get tough, she'll let it go with a preference to do things differently, sometimes radical, with a peculiar bright orange manicure or with a shocking blond hair at thirty-five. Little changes for the sake of a good laugh. Like how a fairy wades off the the evil and brightens up the day happy shimmers, changing the course of mundanity.

When D got pregnant, I had already moved out of HK and we had never met up since. I only saw little scarlet growing up through all the posts on fb and beautiful pictures on instagram. I am lucky though, through her photos logs, to have friends like her to remind of how everyday can be fun and musing if we can look at the other directions.

I never knew D can cook anything besides instant noodles or fried eggs. The chemistry of cooking always amazes me, but nowhere is it better exemplified to see her now cooking great meals and sharing quality kitchen time cooking together with such grace especially after a long tiring day at work. 

Scarlet eats adult food and of course like traits of all children, loves fast-food and D is cooking lots of delicious homemade fast food. Last week, I invited Danielle if she will like to share her recipes. She immediately jumped into it. Here's Danielle's post below. I hope you'll love it.
Mushroom Swiss x Double Cheese Bacon
Have you ever thought of combining Mushroom Swiss burger and Double Cheese Bacon burger at Burger King because you couldn’t decide which one to get? Well tonight, I was given the task by the two demanding Eating Machines at home, to make this burger after resting for more than a week and not cooking for them due to a bad flu.

Verdict I had was, Little Eating Machine adores the beef patty and mushrooms with cheese while Papa Eating Machine said nothing more but swallowed two burgers within 15 minutes and finished up his greens as well. People often make burgers to go with chips. For me, I made a very simple “salad” using just lettuce and carrots with Japanese sesame dressing. Enough carbs from the buns!

Ingredients for Burger
- fresh minced beef
- bacon x 4 strips cut into half - cheese x 8 slices
- mushrooms (sliced)
- half an onion (diced)
- burger buns x 4
- olive oil
- butter (a tablespoon)
- few cloves of garlic

Preparation work
Beef Patty:
• get the amount you want
• marinate with a pinch of salt, pepper and sugar
• grind 2-3 cloves garlic into the meat
• add a teaspoon of corn starch to help them stick 

• flatten the patty as they shrink after you fry them • ideally, marinate the minced beef OVER NIGHT
• fry about 1 half minute on each side

• fry sliced mushrooms with chopped garlic and olive oil • add a pinch of salt and pepper
• dish them up when they soften

• fry onions with olive oil and butter for about 5 mins • add a bit of water, sugar and salt
• let it sizzle for another 30 seconds and dish them up

• pan fry the bacon till they turn crispy and brown

Usually bacon leave a lot of oil behind. Keep the oil, I use it to fry my burger patties. I know it may sound unhealthy but I like coating my beef patties with bacon oil. Thus, I suggest a side dish of salad to make the meal less sinful.
Let the fun begin
• place burger buns on oven tray
• a slice of cheese on each bun
• pop in the oven at 150 degrees till you see the cheese melt
• put burger patty on one bun and bacon on the other
• serve with your greens or chips

You can eat it with ketchup and mustard sauce but the burger itself has enough flavour for me and I usually eat it without. It’s a balance diet for my lttle girl and a filling meal for her dad, just not so good for me since I am on a diet but WHAT THE HECK!

My daughter doesn’t want onions and bacon, thus I dropped those ingredients from her burger. You can always improvise. Hope you find this extremely easy to make and curb your fast food craving at home! 

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