Reviews: Tiong Bahru Bakery

How did the scene changed. Tiong Bahru used to be my playground during a time when my aunt watch over my sister and I. As toddlers then, we already knew every lane and back alley. Tiong Bahru is mainly a closely knitted cantonese community with clutters of great food and suppliers. Two decades later, It is now transformed into a chic layback area with a new generation of businesses, café and restaurants. That space used to be an egg wholesaler which my family goes to every week for their extra large eggs. Now, house to Tiong Bahru Bakery with Chef Cherrier running the bakery.
Chef Cherrier has his own boulangerie in France, write his own books and even appear on TV show for bread baking. He is considered one of the top bakers in Paris, whose boulangerie in the bohemian Montmarte district is among the top five in the city. Best of all, he's quite cute looking too.

When TB Bakery just opened, before all the frenzy craze and hype. MF got a text from one of the owners of Food Collective, telling him to go try the croissants at his TB Bakery. It's the best in Singapore. As the saying goes… Either have it with slathers of butter or don't have one at all. So, indeed it is. I sunk into the first bite and turned to MF. With my mouth still full, I mumbled excitedly, "Yah, I agree, this is one of the best!"  If only I can eat croissants everyday. 

As many had known now, Tiong Bahru Bakery is most noted for their croissants. Unlike other croissants, they don’t disintegrate into oily crumbs when you bite into them, and they offer a satisfying bite rather than a mouthful of flaky crumbs and not overly rich. Simple said. Delectable Of his more exotic flavors that gain equal fame is squid ink bread which is very unique and savory with hints of the sea, hitting all the right notes. 
The Verdict
So is Tiong Bahru Bakery a Brand, a fad or a craze. No doubt that the croissants are one of the best in town. The elegantly crispy texture sure raise a new bread of follows compared to the soft buttery versions with more tender layers. It can be subjective but for me, Tiong Bahru Bakery Croissant are to indulge for. Putting Maison Kayser and Paul Boulangerie on the back seat. Can't wait for their second outlet to open in the CBD.

However, beware of their inconsistency in their croissants and breads. Somedays it can be exceptionally good bursting with buttery goodness other days can be flat and burnt. 

My version: Tuna Mayo with TBB croissant
- till next post, ss.

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