Yoyogi Throwdown!: Chilled Capellini with Crispy Ebi Sakura

 I anticipated the throwdown of the Chilled Capellini with Crispy Ebi Sakura. the table was booked a week before, ingredients already delivered to my kitchen table. I just need to sample it. And yes I must say, mine taste just as good if not better. For a fraction of the price.

Review: Yoyogi Japanese Restaurant 

Yoyogi Japanese restaurant on Mohamed Sultan is not a restaurant that you'll walk into without first doing some research on it. On the outside, it looks like the kind of restaurant Japanese bring their client to entertain or to be impress. In another words, business dinner that are claimable. You know those kind of Japanese restaurant especially in Singapore, there's no window to peep in, no hostess, no menu on the outside. Jus a sliding door that separates you from dark dungeon den. They scan you down with their razor sharp eyes and welcomes you warmly with a smirk. Your neck will be on the sushi counter as well, ready to be sliced slowly by imaginary knives draining up your dollar blood as they serve up the omakase. I was there only for one reason. To sample their signature cold served capellini which I was suppose to replicate. Jess being a die-hard fan of this pasta had already got ebi sakura (Japanese dried shrimp) from Edwin, the chef. He had already warned. It's not as easy as it seems.

Edwin, the chef greats me warmly and usher us to the bar counter sitting in front of him. He briefly introduce the omakase menu and emphasis on the cold capellini and beef rice bowls. Like a theatric play, that 2 dishes were the highlights while the rest of had been mediocre. There were truffles in almost every hot dish, too much for my liking and the whole course seems off-balance. When Edwin presented his signature capellini plate,  I know why Jess had fell in love with this. A crunchy heaven served chilled toss with fish roe and ebi sakura. I especially liked the beef rice bowl served with a poached egg. Nick was telling me of his nightly ritual of taking out the beef bowl at Yoshinoya after work and this is the high-end version.

I did expected more especially when the bill total up to $500. (Well, with drinks). It's sure is very expensive like the reviews on the note. Maybe we should have more O-toros, we only got 1 slice each.

The dinner was lovely nevertheless, Nick specially flew back from Hong Kong to have his birthday dinner with me that night which was a nice surprise. The sweetest thing this year and I truly appreciate him taking time to help me with the tasting and noting each dish.

And here to Jess for proposing the chilled pasta throwdown. Recipe as follows...
The recipe is very similar to my Gunther's Throwdown! Cold Angel Hair Pasta With Caviar. The hardest part of this pasta is finding the ebi sakura.

Angel hair pasta
truffles oil
Spring onion oil
truffle salt
Mentaiko (just use a little for a hint of flavor)
Flying fish roe

ebi sakura
canola oil for deep frying

Firstly, fried the ebi sakura in canola oil until crispy. Drain and reserve oil.

Cook pasta in a pot of boiling water (Do not add salt to the water). Cook pasta till it's al dente (30 secs short). get a bowl of ice ready and shock the pasta in the ice. When pasta is cold, drain the water.

In a mixing bowl, season pasta with truffle salt and the oils including the oil to fry the ebi sakura. Toss mentaiko and flying fish roe. Season with more oil or truffle salt to taste.

Let the pasta marinate in the fridge for an hour. To serve, plate pasta and top with the fried sakura.

Yoyogi Japanese Restaurant

6887 4669
33 Mohamed Sultan Rd  Singapore 238977

-till next post, ss

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