Review: Amarone at Capital Towers (Osvaldo)

The Sims luncheon. A table for four.
Besides us three, there's a new member to the Sims. Lovely Esther, my brother's wife. The gathering was hard to come by. This is the first time four of us got together. In fact, as long as i remembered, i don't remember us having lunch together without mom or my sister's kids. Perhaps, I vaguely recall now as I write. The last time was in hong kong, when Sharon and I, still based in hong kong, Gary flew up for the weekend to help us move our apartment. I am sure we must have dined together but I don't remember where. Usually, it's my sister and I that lunched together. Everyone had been so busy. My sister and the kids, Gary with his work and me just returning home. The four of us filled the square table at Amarone. it felt great to catch up and fill each other with what's going on with our life.
Gary suggested Osvaldo (Amarone) at located on the ground floor of Capital Towers because it's below his office and he wanted to try it ever since they open in February. Amarone is the newest addition to Michelin-starred Chef Osvaldo Forlino's restaurants where he uprooted his family from Italy to Singapore. His wife is in charge of pasta making, his sister runs the wine list and operations and his children and mother also help out in the day to day operations between his 3 restaurants. Amarone, a sprawling, high-ceilinged space with wine bottle-lined feature pillars, Italian artifacts that Osvaldo brought over himself, leather seats and pristine white tablecloths. I particularly liked the European bistro feel: open, airy, casual and lots of natural light from the glass windows. There's an inviting deli counter up front selling pan inis takeaway to the office crowd who prefers something more gourmet to the Starbuck across the lobby hall.
Osvaldo takes pride with what he serves and a believer in good ingredients simply and cleanly put together allowing the produce to shine for itself. The platter was a delightful starter, simple put together with some rockets and perfectly ripped cherry tomatoes which featured the cured meats that are ultra-tender and flavorful and the wonderfully creamy ball of cheese. The best dish among all that I tried at Amarone.

Their homemade pasta was extraordinary and was told to try the either the sea urchin or crab version.  Tossed in egg yolks and lardons, the carbonara was silky but ultra-rich and heavy even when we share it among the four of us.
For the main course, I didn't like the veal scallopine at all, its weird breaded-and-pan-fried-then-soaked-in-mustardy-sauce-texture and appearance made the dish amateurish. While the lamb, a beautiful T-bone cut, was executed nicely.

Frankly, while I agree with Osvaldo (Amarone) straight-forward approach in their food. I reckon it's more on the aesthetics than the goods targeting at the well-dressed, corporate crowd working in the area. Well, it's worth a try if you happen to be at Capital Towers.

#01-08 Capital Tower
168 Robinson Rd.

Telephone 6423 0464

- till next post, ss

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