Butter poached scallops with truffle shavings

Load the flavor of butter into the meat and cooks it so slowly and gently that the flesh remains exquisitely tender -- so tender some people think it's not completely cooked. What remains is the simplest, cleanest taste of the ocean flooding upon you.
Its a daring and hell of a bold approach to publish a book on a topic that everybody shy away from. In our times, we are all taking about healthy eating and super foods. When we all trying hard to get rid of the fat, fat-free recipes, tasteless skinless chicken breast, yucks! That last weight gain from Christmas or preventions on the inevitable bypass. Then, we have here, Jennifer McLagan discuss and published a book FAT. An in-depth understanding on the mechanics of the misunderstood fats.
Here, on the common desk on friday morning. The 3 letter word adorned me. FAT. As I flip the book, the words came alive. Fats is the holy grail in cooking. Indeed it is, making everything taste a notch better. Giving everything that it touches a luscious mouth feel. I realized I'm so fortunate to work with the few people who's so passionate and hungry on food knowledge. There's a lot of people who knows how to eat but only a handful that passionately live and study it, constantly testing, challenging and perfecting the practice. Hearing my camera snapping, TS ask me what I'll be cooking from the book. "The butter poached scallops!" I'm gonna cook it and blog it this weekend. So, here it is.

This quote sums up everything on how I choose eat, looking for the perfect one bite. "Leave the butter in the pie crust, but take a smaller piece of pie" Shirley O. Conner.

Here is a adapted recipe from Jennifer McLagan book on fat. Butter poached scallops so sinfully easy. Giving the recipe an extra oomph with shavings of truffles.

300g butter
1 dozen large scallops
A squeeze of lemon
salt and pepper
Truffle shavings (optional)

The butter can be infused with spices and other seasonings.

Season scallops with taste. Heat butter in pan and allow scallops to cook slowly poaching in butter for five to six minutes.
Remove and plate scallops with shavings of truffles. Season with salt, freshly ground pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. 

-till next post, ss.

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