Review: Bistro Du Vin

Situated across Great World City, and beside Zion Road Riverside Food Centre, the outlet is at a corner. I've past Bisto Du Vin everyday and seen its progress over the months, from its humble beginnings of taking up the shops to the hoardings being put up for renovations to it's opening. A boisterous casual bistro, a smaller version but carbon copy to the original at Shaw. Bistro Du Vin, the casual dining arm of the Les Amis group.

I always wanted to checked out Bistro Du Vin ever since I've been hearing some buzz about it. Moreover, it's was just 10mins walk from where I live. Let's have French today!

From the outside, Bistro Du Vin didn't look inviting but once we step into the doors, we fell in love with the simple Parisian charm. Vintage posters and antiques lined terra-cotta red walls and the marble tabletops with matching bistro chairs. The inside dining area is not big at all, the decor is kept simple, all casserole pots and simple white plates.

Like the setting, Bistro Du Vin is not pretentious. I was quite surprised that we were not sold on bottled water instead asked if we preferred iced or warm water. Once the water is poured the their recycled red wine bottle, we were presented the menu and left us time to browse until I signal for the orders. I love dining with Michael because I can choose the orders. The menu bores him. 2 different set lunches to share.
The basket of baguette was quickly sent to us once we ordered. Heavenly fresh and invitingly warm from the oven. Crusty golden outside and soft airy insides. The second bread basket was sent to us once the staff saw the emptied basket. All we did was ask for more butter. Service was meticulous.

Pan-seared foie gras (80g) with smoked eel, ginger crumbles & apple balsamic
It came in 2 really large slab, probably the largest I have come across in any set lunch. I never complained about having too much foie gras per seating. In fact, my brother and I used gobbled down a side of the fatty liver when I cooked for him at home. But this dish, even when we share it, it feels to rich to finish. pan-seared sparingly to a still-gooey texture. I wish there was more vinegar to cut the fat flavor. However, the ginger crumbles salty crunch give a very nice contrasting texture.

The second entree was one on the specials board. It's liver terrine with peppercorns serve with a lightly dressed mesculin salad. Having this dish, I was telling Michael how it reminds me of my mom at one time made us sandwiches with pate spread on white toast when we were very young. I didn't know where my mom got those pate or what brand it was. I don't think she'll recall as well if I ask her. All I can remember was the taste of it. I reach for more bread to spread the terrine on.

The mains were Baked Norwegian salmon & prawns with champagne butter sauce and Duck leg confit, brussels sprouts & mustard sauce. Both dish were simple plated, no fancy garnish or different coloured swooshes of sauce and oils. Salmon was a very light dish a little undercooked and would prefer it a minute longer in the oven. The duck was splendid. Although the meat was a tad dry, it wasn’t overly salty just the right amount of salt. The skin was crackling like lard and magically melts in the mouths. Perfect balance to the meat.

Dessert found us with créme brûlée and Gratinated pineapple with champagne saboyon & coconut sorbet. We love the créme brûlée. The amazingly soft custard heavily spotted with vanilla seeds. Served in a shallow dish with thin layer of crackling caramelized sugar. So good, I wished I've order 2 servings.

Bistro Du Vin
56 Zion Road Singapore 247781
Tel: 6836-6313

-till next post, ss.

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