Travel Diaries: Perfect Bali

It took me a long time to write this post. Always coming back and editing the draft.  There's so much to remember. It's the best holiday I ever had and had always dreamt about - a perfect postcard holiday. It really was, and now it already feels so long ago, and that makes me a little sad.

It had been months and can't find enough words to describe Bali. The beautiful blue skies, crystal clear water, perfect weather, stretch of sandy fine sand and the gracious people. Bali has an sense of calmness and so deeply rooted in its heritage, you'll see abundance of old statues and monuments all over the city. Maybe it's the sea and sun, altogether with the calming sound of water.

There was no plan. People ask us what we did there, and there’s not much to say—not much besides finding things to eat, exploring the shops, lay by the water and soaking up the sun. Absolutely doing nothing. The perfect escape from everything else. Just both of us.
The first two nights at Nusa Dua was perfect where we enjoyed the extensive beach with clear blue waters. We ate with the birds and fed the squirrels. On the third and forth night we moved to the ultra hip W hotel. Every morning is a gobbling feast on sumptuous breakfast spread. There's my love affair with eggs and my obsession with passionfruit. And in the afternoon, under the sun, we found ourselves asleep with the rhythm of the ocean waves. Totally in bliss.
Bali Bumbu at Nusa Dua. Traditional Balinese cuisine.
Then there was the Balinese food. 
Not knowing what to order, we ate everything in sight. Everything in my excess. The experience was phenomenal and that led me coming back to explore more Indonesian food. Asking Saiton (our maid for the longest time) about Indonesian recipes. And in the following week, I was taught to shop Indonesian spices, made gadu gadu, sop kambing, and tempehs. 

Biku just outside W hotel. Amazing Balinese Cafe with western twist.
Ku de ta
And as I had remembered while sorting the pictures: honestly, the best part of Bali is something that hasn’t changed. we were really happy and still are now. The best part of Bali was us.

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