Chinese New Year pineapple tarts

Last week, we decided to bake some pineapple tarts. Pineapple tarts are a must for the Chinese New Year. The auspicious buttery golden tarts are a symbol of prosperity. Actually we do eat pineapple tarts throughout the year but it is extra special to have it on Chinese New Year. Sharon had been baking these lovely pineapple tarts every year ever since she perfected the pastry recipe a few years ago. Her's are super doper buttery. These little golden apples-look-alikes luxuriously melts the moment it hits the mouth. 

Personally, we prefer more dough than the filling and a good recipe for the pastry is more important than anything else. In this pastry recipe, the flour concoction keeps the pastry super fine and feathery light yet they hold well in your fingers. I know it seems like lots of butter and all egg yolks involved. That's why they are so darn good. Anyway, it's a new year and only once a year to indulge in all Chinese New Year goodies. Heck it, just enjoy.

Note on pineapple jam:

There are not much of a difference with store bought fillings when you go for the best ones. I only get the pineapple fillings from Sinlik at Seah Street. Phoon Huat's Redman is sweeter and stickier.
We like to make our pineapple tarts to look a little golden apples adorn with a clove for flavor and decoration. Pre-roll your pineapple jam into little balls before making the pastry. The dough can be pre made and kept frozen in the freezer. 

Recipe for Pastry
300g plain flour
300g cake flour
60g corn flour
30g custard powder
150g icing sugar
½ teaspoon salt
-Sieve the above

500g salted butter (chilled and cut into small cubes)
4 egg yolks
Lots of cloves for decoration

4 egg yolks
1 tablespoon custard powder

Sift the dry ingredients together into a large mixing bowl. Next, add the chilled butter cubes, rub the butter into the flour with your fingertips at a height until it looks like fine bread crumbs. You need to work fairly fast with the rubbing method. 

Beat together egg yolks. Add it into the butter-flour mixture. Using your finger tips, gently coax all the crumbs into one large dough ball. As long as all the crumbs come together, stop. Give a few gentle knead and shape it into 2 large ball. Wrap with clog wrap and let it rest in the fridge for about an hour

Since this is a very buttery dough and will be quite soft at room temperature, use a small portion at a time. Keep the rest covered in the fridge.

Pinch a small portion of the dough, flatten it with fingers, place the pre-rolled pineapple ball in the middle and wrap the with dough. Roll it lightly with your palm. Place the balls neatly on baking sheet. Since these pineapple tarts doesn't expand too much during baking, you can place the balls quite closely together. About 1cm apart. Give the balls a first glaze with egg yolk wash. Pop the baking tray into the freezer for 5mins then glaze it one more time. Stick the clove into the middle of the balls.

Note: Freezing the balls helps prevent cracking and a second glaze gives a more golden luster. 

Bake at 180°C for 15-20 minutes or until the glaze turns golden, turning the tray halfway through baking. Let the tart cool on the tray before storing in an air tight container.

till next post, ss.

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