A Traditional Fruitcake, Part 3: Popping Happy Colors

A quick post to show another fruitcake design. Now I know why fondant can be so addictive. Fondant feel like playdoh only it's edible, it's the medium to express your imaginations, the colorings are the paint, the cake becomes the canvas, At the end of the day, you stand back and admire the work, the happy colors popping, A piece of art that is beautiful and actually taste great. The best part, you'll know it is going to make that someone, receiving this, smile too. That's what Christmas is all about isn't it? The joy of giving.

Marzipan dried out for a day.
Coloring the fondant
Draping fondant over cake
The sky and the snow
Fondant tree. Cut with a circle scallop cutter. 
- Till next post, ss.

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