A wondrous little ugly snake fruit

It was my ever adventurous sister who loves it. The little ugly snake fruit. Disgusting at sight, the fruit peel resembles scales of a snake. Yucks! This scaly bugger always reminded me of mysterious old Chinese medical halls that have jars upon jars of snake or reptile tonic wines; and those stinky streets of hong kong with pungent salted scalely fish hanging outside the shop. I am not sure how all these connects. Maybe it is grouped together in the ugly, scaly, reptilely, yucky part of my memory bank. I reckon it was around then, my first few memories of Hong Kong when everything is so new to me. Then a kid, remembering my aunt bought a whole bagful of it. The poor ugly fruit is such a turn off that it will diminish any notion to try it.

But after 20 so years, last night, I had encountered it again. This time, beautifully presented on the dessert fruit platter. Sitting white, plum and firm disguising among the other watery reds, citrusy orange and syrupy yellows. I was wondering what it is. "Oh...it should be the snake fruit!" I exclaimed like a child again. The flesh looks dry without any sheen against the candlelight. I jammed the mystery fruit into my mouth. Moist and crunchy like an apple with flowery perfumes of jasmine, lilies and pineapples I later learn it is Salak gula pasir, the finest and sweetest of all salak.

My sister is so right. See beyond the surface. Like a leap of faith, you'll discover a treat that is so alluring amist its surface. I gonna have another one of this wondrous little ugly snake fruit very soon.

Commonly sold all over the island of Bali are the salak bali which one of balinese favorite fruit. The third variety are the salak pondoh which is an important fruit in Yogyakarta province of Indonesia.

Til next post, ss.

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