Reviews: Cugini Trattoria Pizzeria SECRET PASTA

Blog surfing, I came across the highly reviewed trattoria at Club Street from The Simplest Aphrodisiac: Best of the year 2010. Cugini serves dishes combining the unique fresh taste of Sardinia with the spicy flavors of Sicily and other southern Italian regions and as reviewed, the pasta is as close to the real deal in Italy as it can be. Well, the blue and white decor certainly evoking the charms of Southern Italy

So, WHY Cugini, because there's a 'secret' dish! I was utterly intrigued and can't wait to sink my teeth into the highly buzzed "Secrecy". It feels like only the elite will know about this, as if a password to gain entry to a society. Since it had been blogged so much about, it's almost an open secret. Here I go trying to order the secret signature dish. "One of your secret pasta" her reply was "tomato or cream?" erm...OPPS! I didn't even know there are variations! Anyhow, I've tried the white version only to go back to relook and what the other bloggers (great pix from Harris) blogged and mainly the secret pasta is tomato base. Well, I might be the few to try and taste the perfect cream version that taste full of the sea against the lux of silky not so heavy cream. I was so hoping this will be IT, the one that prevail the best ever homemade pasta I tried - HK Hyatt Grissini (Tomatoes, garlic and Homemade Capellini). I put Cugini's pasta at a 7 out of 10.

Pizza is yummy too!
Well, My only negative reviews: Pasta is almost al-dente (maybe it can be perfect for a if left to cook for a few more seconds) and perhaps the dish can use more seafood though I must concede that they are perfectly cooked.

Pizza is good as it looks. Lots of european coming in to takeaway the piz.

Till next post, SS

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