Lunchbox Notes

Smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, cucumber, ciabatta bread
Cooking is not how complex a meal is or how fast you can julienne the carrots or grill a steak. It's the process of preparing especially it is prepared for love ones. Any meal, simple or complexed embodies the heart and hands that have poured love into the food … and that’s what makes the difference. Believe me, the person eating actually do feel your joy imparted to the food. Cooking is about feeling good and confident and a way of letting the other person know you care. It can be a simple sandwich or a little packed school lunch with a little note. All about element of surprise. A smile in return is all you need to keep cooking.

So this week, make an attempt to make a gift with food! Cook a meal for your family, surprise a co-worker with a packed sandwich or homemade cookies on the desk. I bet your day will be feeling like a bountiful banquet.

Till next post, ss.

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