Gardening: August harvest

August is turning to be even more bountiful. My standard cucumbers are yielding blossoms profusely and after this harvest, I am counting 5 more fruits on the vines. I know what's going into my summer salads!

Thrilled to see that my snake bean (also called yardlong or dou gok in cantonese) plant is finally blossoming. 

A couple of days later, twin pods appeared. Would have to check them diligently everyday as they grow really fast in our hot humid weather and harvest before they get too matured. Am already thinking about a quick sambal balachan stir-fry. Yummy!

Bak Choy obviously prefers bathing in direct sunlight on my balcony over the slightly shaded backyard...true leaves emerging!

My tarragon or dragon's-wort plant is flowering or bolting, which means the plant is switching from leaf growth to flower production due to excessive light/heat exposure. Not what I want as the rest of the plant will start to wither as it focuses all resources on flowering or passing on its genes. Time to move my tarragon to the shade! Hope it's not too late....

~ sharon

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