Reviews: A Sunday at PS Café

We decided to chill out Sunday afternoon at Dempsey PS Café since it has the lush greenery, relaxing and quaint ambience. Exactly the place I'd want to do my blogging and have some wine too. 

I am certain there are already numerous reviews written on PS Café. Some awesome and some are quite bad. I've dine at PS Café many times and frankly, I didn't think the food is any good to worth  posting and raving about. Even their ceasar salad which is such a basic is missing on flavours. Pork ribs so bland and House @ Dempsey had so much better truffle fries. Oh well, maybe for some of the beautiful desserts are worth some words. The great thing about PS Café is of it's beautiful and comfy ambient - rare place that can bring you away from the city bustles. I love how the big bouquets of flowers greets you and the cheerful dessert displays. It's always a great place to chill out with coffee and friends.

Anyhow, what made me write about PS tonight is it's snob service. I was so utterly UPSET. My mac ran out of juice and they wouldn't let me charge it because they have a policy not to allow patrons to charge any electronic device. My jaw dropped staring at the waiter. It's so unheard of. Disappointingly, we ended up taking photos, enjoying our drinks and napping.

Check this link for some very nice shots of PS Café.

PS Café @ Harding Road
Address: 28B Harding Road, Dempsey. Singapore
Tel: +65 6479 3343
Bad Ceasar
Bland Ribs

Till next post, SS.

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