Tips on how to blanch succulent juicy prawns

Succulent Delish Prawns

Alive and jumping into a bubbling bath, energy exhausted, each turning to a pink blush, 10 mins later, You raise it to your mouth and suck out the soup of hot brains, squeezing it like a toothpaste tube. Unwrap the shell revealing the succulent pink inner, dunking it to the black sea of garlicky chilli sauce. savouring the sweetness with each conquer.
The trick that not so many can get it right. Turn off the heat and quick blanch the prawns. It's al denté when it all turn pink and flesh feels firm on a squeeze. Stop the cooking process with an ice water bath. Make it shine with a drizzle of hot smoking oil and garnish with spring onion curls when serving.

Freshest ingredients require simple cooking to bring out the sweetness especially with seafood. Recipe for dipping sauce:
For the blanching soup:
Boil blanching soup with all the ingredients above for half hour to release the ginger flavour.

Create beautiful curls of spring onions by soaking it in ice water

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