Therapeutic Golden Parmesan Cream Crackers with Truffle Salt

With weeks of rising at sunrise and getting an average of 4-5 hours of sleep everyday, I finally managed to sleep in yesterday, the best sleep I had since I got back to SG. Nearly forgetting the feeling of being well rested, waking up fresh and bright, perhaps its the newly washed sheets or the quietness of nobody's home. I decided I need to do something therapeutic for myself today - Baking. The process and act of baking to create something delicious with all its smells and tastes is associated with nostalgia and can evoke joy, confidents and contentment. I particularly enjoy baking in the middle of the night, when it's dark and quiet. A need to bond with my whisks and bowls again. Like the characters of Toy Story, my private stash of utensils brought to live and out to play. I want to bake something easy with simple ingredients. I should do a cheese cracker. Mentally running through with what I have available in stock. Setting a date with the block of parmesan cheese and butter in the fridge. The only new toy I need is the fluted pastry wheel. A quick trip to Totts, detoured afternoon bite at Jones with BC and a detoxing cardio at Pure. 10pm. No going outs, just me and myself in the kitchen. Rubbing the butter into the flour an cheese till it resembles bread crumbs, forming the dough with a tat of cream, rolling out, measuring and cutting with my new toy. The aroma of butter and cheese dancing out of the oven. Felt so calm and at peace.

Process & Results
There is something excellent about a homemade cracker, involving cheese, butter, cream, and truffle salt, I couldn't imagine them anything less than awesome. Buttery, every bite crumbles with cheesy goodness. Difference between homemade and store-bought? You will keep you reaching for more, munching happily till you realise you had more than enough. Try it and you will know.

Stroke of mid-night, kitchen wiped-down. ascending to my room with a trail of buttery and cheesy perfume. A glass on hand, my nightcap and a last bite, recipe for a good night sleep.

Meet my new dressed up cracker. You can pile stuff on them, experiment to your heart's delight about what to eat these snack crackers with. Wow your guests with canap├ęs just like how a domestic goddess should be.

Here's the recipe:
Notes: Depending on oven, bake at 165-170 C or till golden.
Feel free to explore flavours. I've used thyme and chilli powder.

Till next post, SS.

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