Slow Food: Fresh Squid Ink Pasta

Home-made squid ink spaghetti with fresh crab and tomato sauce
I love making pasta from scratch and once you've tried fresh pasta, you wouldn't go back to the dried packaged stuff. The recipe is dead simple. Mix 4 eggs, 800g of flour (i prefer semolina flour from Culina. Semolina looks and feel coarse compared to 00 flour but I really enjoy the bouncy texture it imparts to the pasta) and 250ml water. Keep kneading until you get a smooth elastic dough. Added squid ink and spinach this time. However, I must admit the rolling, cutting and drying the pasta can be a tad fussy so make sure you have the afternoon completely free. You can't rush a good spaghetti/linguine! Would also recommend investing in a pasta machine if you are not competent with the rolling pin like me...the machine rolls out the pasta sheets and cuts them into perfect strips 

Spinach pasta dough

The dough has to rest for one hour but putting it through the machine. Given our humid weather, the pasta sheets could do with a 15-min in front of a fan to help them dry up. Makes the cutting them much much easier

My trusty Italian pasta maker!

Squid-ink and Spinach spaghetti/ linguine

Inky black goodness! 

Let the fresh pasta hang on racks for 2-3 hours until they are dry. They can be stored in air-tight containers for a 1-2 weeks ...but we usually eat up ours within days. Happy days! 

~ Sharon

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