Reviews: Rabbiting at The White Rabbit

Rabbit rabbits... Dinner with MF last night was absolutely awesome. Rabbit was actually my 3rd choice on the my dinner list, the other 2 was booked full. Nevertheless, it turned out to be a great place with good comfort food and I will definitely go back for more. Being a newbie in Singapore, this is our first time there and MF stupidly believe I am bringing him to have rabbits. What an idiot when he focusly scan the menu and ask "Where's the rabbit dish?" So dumb, bluffed by me.

What we ordered:

Chicken and Duck Liver Parfait

port wine jelly, toasted brioche soldiers
- Stunning. Brightens my face with smiles on every bite.

Mac and Cheese

- Heard so much about the mac and cheese. turned out to be really yummy! so simple yet comforting. Each little macoroni is a gem oozing out with creamy cheese. I was picking on it eating like how a lady should until MF showed me a new way, eating how it should be ate like kids. He spooned a full heap and shove it into our mouths resulting with bursting creamy bliss. Same dish 2 experience. I must crack this dish and do an SS version of it.

Grilled Wagyu Cote de Boeuf for Two

pomme purée, vegetable du jour

- With the 1kg beef, we instantly put on 1/2kg of pure flesh and meat at the end of the night. Beef polished off to the bone including all the melty fats. Forgot about being dainty in a nice dress, I was eating the beef off the bone like how Flintstone did. Yummy! So much beef that I can still feel the cow in my stomach this morning, sure enough to fix my constant steak cravings for the next 2 weeks.

Lastly, The little breads are good too. Hot, soft and flavourful. Slip slop slap with loads of butter.

39C HARDING ROAD (S)249541

T:6473-9965 F:6473-9115

Happy gluten. Till then, SS

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