Porky Affair II: Crispy Five Spiced Luncheon Meat with Pears and Summer Salad

My first dish out of the master stock. Contrast of savoury and sweet pears, melts with a crunch and tang.

It all started out with this can of spiced pork cubes that MF pass me to try. Of which he swearsby being a staple food during school days that is eaten over rice anda fried egg. Well, I was thinking maybe I can try something similar to make outof the stock with a different twist.

Simmer the belly in master-stock for at least 3 hr or till its really tender. Let it marinate overnight in the stock. Next day, refrigerate the belly till firm and stripped, shredded, chopped and placed in tray to become gelatinous.

Invert and slice.

Coat the meat slices with cornstarch, egg and crumb. Fry in meat slices and pears in clarified butter till golden brown. drain on kitchen towel and plate with stack pears on top.

Top with green salad which is simply dressed with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. Toss summer salad of raspberries, mini tomatoes and feta cheese and chop pistachios with olive oil. Drizzle plate with more olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Serve warm.

Sharon Sim and Cheryl Oh happy lunching with Damien.

Till next post! SS.

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