Glam Scrambles

Found big round eggs in the fridge and realise I need to eat them - the best way to fuel up after a big night of party and champagne is with creamy soft melty eggy eggs and greasy crispy bacon. But I was so hungry and needed a quick fix, and too lazy to defrost the bacon, so i've skipped the pig.

Scrambles are one of the easiest breakfast recipe that you can eat anytime of the day yet it is so hard to find good ones out there nowadays. They always turn out too dry, flat and without flavour. Disappointing. Anyway, My quest for scrambles started 7-8 years back after I had the best one in Sydney that you got to queue for...well, Proud to say mine is just as good (To those that I've cook for would've known) But today's the ultimate. I've notched it up this time with Tetsuya's truffle sea salt.

Here is it: beat everything up.

Big fresh eggs x2 plus 1 yolk
Cream - 1-2 tablespoon
Butter - big knob
Tetsuya's truffle sea salt - to taste (not too much, u just want a hint, not over power the eggs)
Salt - to taste
Sugar - a speck
Freshly ground black pepper (only for plating)

Melt butter in hot pan to just sizzling with a slight brown.

Pour eggs in and swirl the pan. With a spoon, swirl in big sweeps. You will want the silky sheets. Watch out! Don't over cook the eggs. Plate it when it is still slightly runny, it will curdle up and continue cooking on plate.

Whala! The glam scrambles. Made a quick tomato and onion chutney to go with the eggs. Only had the local flavourless tomatoes so shall post the proper recipe next time.

Best way to cure any hangovers. Couldn't wish for anything better. With my tummy filled. Time to head to the gym! (SS)

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