Gardening: Cucumber harvest!

10 weeks old and fruiting

Always happy to see my plants after a long trip abroad and was pleasantly surprised this time to harvest that fruits of my labour - literally! My plant yielded 2 short/standard cucumbers this weekend....made my homecoming even sweeter

The yellowish hue on the larger cucumber is a sign that it's been left on the vine for too long. You definitely want to harvest when it feels heavy and turns a pale shade of green. Apologies for the poor photo quality but I was a little too impatient to hunt down my usual camera

Sliced and dipped in chinchakok

Served them up as simply as possible - too jet-lagged to actually cook - thinly sliced and dipped into my chinchalok i.e. fermented shrimp paste from Penang. Unlike cucumbers you buy from supermarkets, there's no real reason to peel the skins off as they have no waxy coating on and I like the extra crunchiness of the skin. Verdict? The standard variety has more seeds and water content than their longer cousins but has an almost sweet aftertaste which goes well with salty dips....Next up, my japanese minis...can't wait! 

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